Cliff’s Top Ten Favorite Restrooms at Walt Disney World


     Now that Jesse Nation has had the proper time to digest The Poohbah's Top 100 Movie List and Jordan's Favorite "Wanged Him with a Shovel" Moments...It's time for Cliff's Top Ten Favorite Restrooms at Walt Disney World!  

     Most of you may already know Cliff's favorite "place to go," but what happens when you find yourself in a different park or WDW resort?  No worries, KPP is here to help with all your "needs."  Cliff has taken into consideration theme, convenience, lines, and size of various restrooms across over 43 square miles plus of property in Central Florida to compile a definitive index of the best locations to do your business while on vacation. 


#10 Garden Grill (2nd Floor of The Land)

Garden Grill Located at EPCOT's The Land on the second floor adjacent to the Garden Grill Restaurant. These are next to the elevators and water fountain and provide wooden benches outside to rest. Inside tile pattern is reminiscent of 1980's EPCOT Center, and is out of the way enough to not attract big lines.

#9 Gonzo's Royal Flush

 A.K.A. "The Great Muppet Crapper" is connected to the outside of "Pizzerizzo" in Hollywood Studios.  This is a fairly large clean restroom that doesn't see a lot of traffic unless Muppetvision 3D is letting out(pre Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opening). I love the name and theming here.

#7 Columbia Harbor House 2nd Floor

Columbia Harbor House 2nd Floor  This is almost a secret restroom up on the second floor. It is small enough most folks do not even realize it's there. Pretty good chance you won't be interrupted. The restaurant as a whole is top notch themed and I like to grab a table overlooking The Haunted Mansion in a well air conditioned area.

#6 The American Adventure (West Side)

AA Westside If you are standing in front of the American Pavilion in EPCOT, this restroom will be on your right side.  There are other restrooms to the left side of the building and down a long corridor. The west side restrooms are harder to find (meaning less people) than the further back east side potty. These are great and close enough to the amphitheater so you won't miss much of the concerts during Food & Wine or Flower & Garden Festival. Clean and devoid of lines you can march your Yankee-Doodle-Dandy in and fire the cannon!

 #5 The Odyssey

 I know what your thinking...everyone knows about these located near the first aid station. But, did you know there are actually a second set located on the far side inside the old "Odyssey" Restaurant? You can still use these even though the restaurant closed years ago and the space is used for festivals and private events these days. I love the classic brown and white tiles(probably dating back to the park's opening). No lines here with almost non-existent foot traffic. It's like walking into the past.

#4 Sanaa

 Located next to one of the best restaurants in WDW, Sanaa. A trip over to Animal Kingdom Lodge's Kidani Village and you'll find yourself in the amazingly themed restroom after a spicy Indian/South African inspired meal. The Imagineers really out did themselves here with modern fixtures and high detailed arch ways, stones, and tile floor. Maybe I should have ranked this one higher overall, but it's a bit out of the way. 

#3 Innoventions West

All but forgotten and not much longer for this world, the Innoventions West restroom is no longer on the map(literally). A cool '90's color palette inside brings back memories of when Innoventions was new. Today, it's on the chopping block as part of EPCOT's "project gamma" and will be lost forever. But for now you can still find the entrance tucked behind the Fountain View Starbucks. Trust me, very few know it's there. It's air conditioned, spotless, and waiting for you one last time.

 #2 Tangled Toilets

Tinkle TowerAffectionately known as the "Tinkle Tower" located in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland. This is Disney theming at its best! Outside features tables to sit and rest with built in phone charging stations and a great floating lantern picture spot after dark. Inside you'll feel like you just missed Rapunzel painting the ceiling and walls herself. The Men's room even features frying pans on the walls. Although this area is usually busy and there might be an occasional's totally a "don't miss" attraction. That's correct, the restroom should be enjoyed just the same as Big Thunder Mountain. With movie details in every corner to notice while your having a personal "wildest ride in the wilderness." 

#1 Imagination Pavilion 

  Look it's no surprise as I've talked many times about the best restroom in Walt Disney World(I even made a video). Tucked away behind the Journey into Imagination attraction, only veteran park goers will remember to take a pit stop here. These are the original restrooms virtually left untouched since 1982. The original pavilion music loop still plays to this day. The colors are primary and bright to spark your imagination on the outside and a cool blue inside. It's a forgotten treasure of EPCOT. Feel free to let loose your own purple dragon in peace!


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