Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast #120 Fisty Brickleberry


With Jordan MIA on his hunt for the Mothman, favorite Lowe child Justin Lowe returns to fill his shoes.  We celebrate the career of Burt Reynolds by deciding on his One Job, give some initial reviews on recent releases like "Iron Fist," "Jack Ryan," "Ozark" and "Castle Rock," and speculate on the risks both DC and Disney are taking by launching their own streaming services.  Download and enjoy this episode of Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast before some pesky Man in Black shows up to erase it.

Length - 01:30:17

Language - PG-13.  (Contains mild adult language.)


0:03:53 - MOVIE NEWS

Persistant rumors about "Top Gun 2," "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" put on hold by Disney, Ethan Hawke's clergy drama "First Reformed," the retro slasher flick "Summer of 84," the clever webcam thriller "Searching" and horrible reviews for "The Happytime Murders."


0:15:52 - ONE JOB

Picking our favorite role from the dearly departed film idol, Burt Reynolds.



Hulu's "Castle Rock" excites Stephen King fans, John Krasinski is the new "Jack Ryan," strong women take the spotlight in the second season of "Ozark," the confounding street magic of "Magic for Humans," Sean Penn heads to Mars in "The First," a documentary about the real-life stars of "GLOW," Netflix picking up "Designated Survivor" for a third season, more "The End of the F------ World," a trailer for the new season of "The Man in the High Castle," the animated comedy "Paradise PD," "Iron Fist" improves with new episodes, documentary "Perfect Bid" exposes a "Price is Right" phenom, DC Universe streaming service is active, the financial risks for Disney's streaming plans and a surprising double eviction on "Big Brother."

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