Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast #121 Riverdale S3 Ep1 Tall Baby


Summer vacation is over and the "Riverdale" gang is back!  And Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast are right along with them, doing our usual obsessive overview of the first episode of season three, "Labor Day."  Heading to their junior year after wilding through the South Side, Archie's pals are already dealing with a murder trial, a sick tat and a creepy new nemesis, so there's a lot to examine right out of the gate.  Plus, Cliff recaps his week at Disney World, his first trip to Toy Story Land and everything he could glean over the fence to Batuu and the construction of "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge."

Length - 01:19:44

Language - PG-13.  (Contains mild adult language.)


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