Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast #123 Riverdale S3 Ep2-3 Baby Teeth


Hang up your totems and chug that Blueberry Fresh Ade, because "Riverdale" is in the midst of a serious game of Gryphons & Gargoyles and Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast is keeping track of it all.  We start off with our spoiler-free first impressions of its Netflix sister-series, "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," then move on to covering all the crucial highlights of episodes 2 and 3 of the third season, "Fortune and Men's Eyes" and "As Above, So Below."  And stick around to the very end, where we manage to squeeze in a stealth edition of One Job, picking our favorite role from a beloved member of the 80s Brat Pack!

Length - 01:46:31

Language - PG-13. (Contains mild adult language.)

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