Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast #156 Yarn & Pie Charts


There is some pretty serious Detective-ing going on this episode, as Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast uses every tool at our disposal to dig down deep into the latest news.  Several of our favorite shows conclude for the year, Netflix drops a slew of fresh content and the comic book industry continues to confound us in new and interesting ways.  Don't miss it!

Length - 01:34:15

Language - PG-13.  (Contains mild adult language.)


0:03:50 - GAMING

Stringing yarn all over the walls for "Detective" from Portal Games and prepping for the summer's gaming conventions.



A solid second season of "Barry," wrapping up the back halves of CW shows "The Flash" and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," a record setting run on "Jeopardy!," a live star-studded tribute to television legend Norman Lear and the first season of "Bless This Mess."



"Doom Patrol" concludes an epic first season, sampling the new version of "The Twilight Zone," a surprise concept album from The Lonely Island, behind the scenes racing documentary "Formula 1: Drive to Survive," Netflix dramedy "Dead to Me," the female-centric road trip comedy "Wine Country" and a trailer for season three of "Westworld."



Tom King removed from "Batman" before the end of his run, "Squirrel Girl" wrapping up with issue #50, digging the "Spider-Man: Life Story" and "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" mini-series, but not sold on "Heroes in Crisis," a cease and desist from DC about Devil's Due Alexandria Ocasio Cortez comic, celebrating the 80 year anniversary with "Marvel Comics" #1000 and looking at the surprising graphic novel sales numbers from 2018.

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