Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast #80


Join us for a completely "Riverdale"-free Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast!  That's right, by not talking about our favorite show for an ENTIRE episode, it frees up plenty of time for the four of us - and returning guest, the Mayor Jared Lowe - to share our thoughts on the impact of all these Hollywood scandals, a brand new "Star Wars" trilogy, more on "Stranger Things 2," all those other CW shows and the earth-shaking defection of Brian Michael Bendis from Marvel to DC Comics.  We catch up on an awful lot of news here, so stock up on the spicy pepitas!

Length - 01:21:51

Language - PG-13.  (Contains mild adult language.)


0:02:03 - MOVIE NEWS

The stunning trailer for "Black Panther," Rob Liefeld warns Fox not to sell to Disney, Deadpool guest-editing the holiday issue of Good Housekeeping, casting Drago's son for "Creed 2," Zachary Levi bulking up to play "Shazam," Universal's connected Dark Universe films go kaput and Kevin Spacey edited out of true-crime story "All the Money in the World" weeks before release.



First look at new Doctor Who in costume, "The Deuce" and "Vice Principals" wrap up their seasons, "The Good Place" keeps surprising, "The Gifted" starts to drag, heartbreak for Alex on "Supergirl," Elongated Man stealing the show on "The Flash," Ollie passes the mantle on "Arrow," Damien Darhk returns to torment "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," "Walking Dead" muddled down by action scenes and "The Orville" continues to evolve.


0:38:56 - STAR WARS NEWS

Our hopes for Rian Johnson's spin-off trilogy and a live-action Star Wars show coming to Disney streaming service?



After 17 years at Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis signs an exclusive deal with DC, "Dark Nights: Metal" spin-offs delayed, Super Hero Girls' huge sales success could mean expanded young reader imprint and Captain America reboots for Marvel Legacy with issue #695.



Further thoughts about "Stranger Things 2," "Punisher" set to debut, Amazon Prime orders eight episodes of "The Boys," "New Warriors" fate still up in the air, Jordan Peele bringing "Twilight Zone" to CBS streaming, "The Magic Order" set to be first Netflix property from Mark Millar and "At Home with Amy Sedaris" shares our love of pepitas!

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